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The delivery-check qualified rate of our products at one time ≥ 98%, and with continuous improvement; customer satisfaction ≥ 90% with continuous improvement
  • Spectrograph 1 SET

  • Micro Meter 20 SET

  • Micro Projector 2 SET

  • Roughness Tester 1 SET

  • Image Measuring Instrument 2 SET

Our products are manufactured at ISO certified facilities to assure the high levels of quality control. We are always striving to manufacture and deliver high level of products and service to our customers.

Our raw material suppliers have been strictly screened and are required to have multiple certifications, such as ISO9001, MERI/KHK, CRN and PED, to meet customers’ various material requirements. Each batch of suppliers’ material requires a 3.1 certificate from them and could be tracked down. Meanwhile, a direct spectrum inspection of each material will also be carried out to have an re-inspection for it.

Optimal design and manufacture computerized manufacturing process, trained and experienced operators, state of the art inspection equipment both on and off-line achieve our quality goals. Trained processing and QA Engineers utilize verified procedures that guarantee our product quality.We are proficient at providing real-time 100% inspection on the important dimensions.